Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!!

With 2012 coming to a close, I say goodbye to yet another chapter in my life. 

Last year was composed of moving on! Letting go of crappy jobs with crappy bosses and crappy coworkers (Not saying I'll never be in that position again....but let's hope not for this entries sake :), let me also make clear that not EVERYONE I worked with was crappy, but the majority. Crappity crap CRAP.

I don't need to cover everything that I did last year, the traveling, adventuring, discovering and photographs all speak for themselves. SO I will simply say adieu to 2012!!!

As for 2013. We all make our New Years resolutions, and usually about 2 months in, we've already forgotten what we toasted to. This year I'm working on that not happening! I'm shooting for 6 months. JUST KIDDING! I am focused on getting a good job, something maybe new to my normal job field, but using everything I have already dabbled in. The job could bring me new opportunities and my finances would be pretty happy too:) I also plan on adopting 2 cats, instead of from the Humane Society, I will be getting them from the Ingham County Animal Shelter (I can't stand the thought of perfectly healthy animals being put down because no one can take them home!!! :( ) 2013 also brings along my 10 year High School reunion....Holy. Crap. Does THAT make a girl feel old!!! It will be awesome to see old friends again and reconnect with people I lost touch with! 
So 2013...I have big plans for you, you BETTER have big plans for me!!  AND of course, there will be more traveling and photo taking!:) 

So stay tuned for another adventurous year!!!


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