Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New York City

Day 1- After waking up at 3:30am and my friend Jacek drove me to the airport, I spent the whole day traveling to NYC. Spirit Airlines is probably the worst I've ever been on, with barely any leg room and flight attendants complaining about what little benefits they receive. Once arriving to Laguardia I watched as Jamaicans poured by with their hearty accents, and a lady with a shopping cart laughing and talking about Donald Trump kept me entertained. The shuttle arrived and I finally got to the apartment on York Ave we were staying at. I waited around for a while, napping on and off for Judith to arrive.

After she arrived we got bundled up and walked around for a while looking at stores and for a snack, we got caught up and began talking and catching up for almost two hours! That being so, we were late getting to Annie's place in Hells Kitchen. We started the night at Crash Mansion with food and drinks and a Comedy Central fundraiser show! The crazy girl from Flight of the Conchords was there....she is just as crazy in real life. If I'm not mistaken, she was wearing a yellow jumpsuit. The night followed with a stop at The Village Lantern, and then some other club that played old school music. By about 3am our feet were tired and we finally went to bed.

(The view from our apartment)

Day 2- We woke up at a decent hour and began one of our longest walking days, after stopping for coffee we started walking west towards Central Park. It was a little warmer than the day before, but the clouds and wind gave us pink cheeks and ears in only a few minutes. We walked around the park and got pictures of the beautiful scenery. Around 2 we realized we were hungry and couldn't feel our toes, so we headed down towards the Rockafeller Center for a salad bar lunch! After that the real shopping began, we walked into Sephora and didn't come out for atleast an hour:) We walked through a ton of shops and found ourselves at Grand Central station around 5:30, there were so many people we just stopped and watched as everyone hurried to their different destinations without bumping into eachother. After Judith found some German chocolates we decided it was time to start heading back to the apartment for another night out. After getting back to the apartment around 7pm, we had been walking for about...8 hours. So we hung out and talked for a while, then threw ourselves together to catch some wicked bands at Crash again. BM Linx was the best out of them. We were hit on by a few guys, a group of them all named James from Australia. Hilarious. It was a long fun night, and we didn't leave the bar until almost 5am.

(Central Park benches, and Angels of the Water Fountain)

Day 3- We slept in until almost noon and woke to our legs on fire from walking so much, and a headache from the night before. Although we were exhausted, we got ourselves together and found the closest coffee shop to begin our next long day of walking. We walked west again and took a stroll down Lexington Ave, on our trek we decided to turn down a random side street and found ourselves in a small group of people. Instead of asking them to move, we made our way across the street and then stopped when we realized the mess of people were Paparazzi outside of The Kabbalah center. By process of

(Judith and I in Grand Central Station)

elimination we waited around until Madonna and her daughter left and got into one of their 3 black escalades. All I have to say is that all that yoga isn't doing her well. She needs a tan, and some whole foods. Her daughter was adorable though! Laughing off that whole situation we continued our journey down south to Soho, NYU, and covered most of the Lower East Side. Around 5pm we decided we should probably start heading back to the apartment because we had an early morning and we were exhausted. By the time we got back, Judith got a phone call and I knew from the look on her face she had received her Green Card. Our idea of staying in was cancelled and we headed back to the Lower East Side to celebrate our last night in NYC and Judiths Green Card! Finally we got back to the apartment only to have our bitch of a neighbor bang on the walls because we were "talking too loud". We called it a night, and woke up only a few hours later to hop on yet another plane, bus, car to get back to our homes.

It was an amazing trip and it was so good getting to see faces I haven't seen in years, catching up with Judith, and seeing Annie again! I hope to get back to the city again soon when it is not so cold:)

(Judith, Annie and I in a Photobooth)